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It’s 2023 and you need a new strategy to grow your business!

There are two ways you can follow to achieve your goals: traditional marketing and digital marketing. The first thing we need you to know is the differences between these two types of marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing you can use through digital channels. Dilema Technologies, a digital agency in Tirana offers digital marketing services such as: SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Pay-per-Click (PPC), Social Media Advertising, Instagram Campaigns, Email Marketing to grow your business. In contrast to digital marketing which uses anything that takes place online, traditional marketing uses traditional channels like TV, radio, newspapers, billboard ads, etc. Both these ways of marketing still work but there are some advantages to using digital marketing and all digital channels.

Advantages of Digital Marketing 

As a Digital Agency, we tend to give you a much larger audience size and we know that digital marketing can do that perfectly. Yes, using digital marketing you can reach anyone that is online. There are millions of people that can reach your business. That’s one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing because you can be in England, Italy, the USA, China,.. ect just searching for a Digital Agency in Tirana and Dilema Technologies can help you grow your business.

Even if you are able to reach millions of people, of course, you don’t need to reach all of them. That’s why we use audience targeting to reach selective people that are a perfect fit for your business. Digital marketing also tends to be more cost-effective than running an ad on TV, or in magazines. Through digital marketing, you can have immediate feedback. We can measure and track the impact your business is having online. These are some of the advantages of choosing digital marketing.

Strategies a Digital Agency Uses to Grow your Business

Strategy is the foundation of all your future marketing tools and tactics that will build on. There are a lot of strategies and approaches to looking at your digital marketing. These are four principles we use:

The model: Your offer, the service or product you are serving, the price, and how you deliver, is the model we create to make it profitable and on demand by the market.

The market: People, we are going to serve your product. To reach the perfect people that will be interested in buying your service or product we use demographic information like gender, age, work occupation, geographic details like the country they live in, and their kind of lifestyle as well.

The message: Create a connection with your potential customers, speaking about their needs and helping them solve their problems. Sending effective messages to your customers will help them connect and make you understand their needs better.

The media: After completing the three principles we mentioned above it is time to move to the fourth which is media. It is the place you are going to do your marketing, and which digital channels we are going to choose for you. At this point, the model, the market, and the message should be very clear, so the digital agency can use the right channels for your business. You need to be in the channels your potential buyers are using the most. 

Now you have a lot of information on what a digital agency can do for you. The best strategy is to find the right one for your business.

Find the Best Digital Agency in Tirana

Dilema Techonolgies a full-service web agency based in Tirana that works globally offers the best digital services for you. It helps innovate, strategize, design, and develop end-to-end digital solutions and elevate online presence in the digital world, for any kind of business worldwide. Click here or search Digital Agency Tirana to know better the services and what it can do for you.


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